A dynamic and motivated environment and a strong sense of team work are the elements on which Vibac bases its' innovation to improve existing products and develop new ones.

The Vibac group carries out its research and development activities through a modern research centre equipped with avant-garde instruments for the characteristics of the materials and the evaluation of the performance of our products.

It is thanks to these research activities that Vibac SpA is able to project and develop innovative film and tapes for numerous areas and applications.

The structure, with operative centre at the L'Aquila plant, is focalized on the following main areas:

  • Analysis of the resins, additives, rubber

  • Co-engineering activities with the main market operators

  • Design of film and adhesive tapes

  • Chemical-physical, mechanical and optical characterisation

  • Characterization of the performance on the production lines

  • Film: on confectionary and packaging machinery

  • Tape: on semi-automatic and automatic machinery in various fields