Vibac Spa considers quality to be a strategic and decisive factor to assure client satisfaction, to guarantee company competitiveness and consolidate the company position on the different markets.

Vibac Quality Assurance operates to enable:

  • continuous monitoring of the company processes and verification of their efficiency;

  • complete involvement of the whole personnel;

  • constant attention to the suitability of the working environment especially in reference to hygiene and work safety;

  • the products to respect client expectations in terms of quality (performance characteristics);

  • attention to legislative requirements;

  • efficient collaboration with customers to attain reciprocate objectives;

  • identification of measurable goals to enable continuous improvement.

Discover our Certifications (toggle all):

  • Quality certification: ISO 9001 – Vision 2000 standards

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    May 95
    Termoli (Tape – Italy)
    August 95
    L'Aquila and Potenza (Film – Italy) certified (ISO 9002)
    April 97
    Lanoraie (Film – Canada) certified (ISO 9002)
    October 02
    Morristown (Film – USA) certified (ISO 9002)
    December 03
    Vibac (Film – Europe) certified (ISO 9001 – 2000)
    August 04
    Montreal (Tape – Canada) ISO 9001-2008
  • Hygiene & Food safety: AIB standards

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    September 96
    L'Aquila and Potenza (Film – Italy) AIB certification
    Last evaluation: Excellent
    September 98
    Lanoraie (Film – Canada) AIB certification
    Last evaluation: Superior
    September 01
    Morristown (Film – USA) AIB certification
    Last evaluation: Superior
  • Environmental certification: ISO 14001

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    February 01
    Termoli (Tape – Italy)
    July 06
    L'Aquila and Potenza (Film – Italy)
    Montreal (Tape – Canada) ISO 14001 2004